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What are the features of an offset account debit card?

If you have chosen to have an offset account with your Qantas Money Home Loan, you will have the option to request a Visa Debit card. The card will enable you to access your offset funds.

You can ask for a Visa Debit card to be issued any time from your loan settling, including during your post settlement Welcome Call. Please note that the card won't be issued automatically, it is on request only. This is because once requested, your Visa Debit card will be mailed to you already activated. You will receive your requested card within 7-10 business days from request via registered mail.

A few things to know about your Visa Debit card:

  • You can use your card anywhere, including the 29,000 ATMs across Australia, and over 2,000 Bendigo Bank and Suncorp ATMs (with no transaction fee charge). Find your nearest ATM
  • You can use it for standard purchases, as you would with any other Visa Debit or EFTPOS card
  • It’s a fast and very secure way to perform transactions
  • The following features aren't available: Apple Pay, Google Pay, OSKO or PayID

Cards ordered and not used within 100 days of issue will be automatically cancelled. You will need to ring and reorder a card should you require one.

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