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What is Pre-approval?

Pre-approval is a full assessment of your personal details and finances (including a credit check) - before you’ve found a property to purchase.

Pre-approval provides you with a pre-approved borrowing amount, based on your current circumstances, so you can search with more confidence.

Applying for Pre-approval?

  • You’ll need to have your income and expenses ready, as well as your ID, so we can give you an accurate assessment of your Pre-approval amount
  • We’ll confirm all your details, and run a credit check to validate your income and expenses.
  • Once you’re pre-approved, you can manage your application in our online portal, including updating the postcode and/or property you’re interested in.  

Your Pre-approval will last for 60 days. We’ll check in before it expires.

If you get stuck along the way, or have any questions, one of our home loan experts is just a phone call away.

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