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Is entering my online banking details safe?

During the application process you’ll be asked to provide your banking login details. This is so we can automatically verify the information you are providing to us. If you are not comfortable providing these details, a manual verification option is available.

If you choose the automatic process, your banking login details will be used for a single purpose: to fetch read-only copies of your transaction history, direct from your banking sites. We only have access to the same information you would supply us if you were submitting the documents manually (by finding, printing, scanning and emailing them) - this way is just a faster method. 

Please be assured that nobody sees your banking login details. Your data is secured by world-leading encrypted technology partner, Envestnet Yodlee (Yodlee), chosen because they are market leaders with over twenty years of experience in financial technology security. So, when your details have been entered and validated in the approval stage of your home loan application, they are encrypted, separated, and securely stored. Once your financial validation has been completed your details are then deleted. 

If however, you are more comfortable providing your financial documents manually, simply upload copies of your transaction statements and any other documents we may need to verify your financial position (check our manual validation checklist). Please note that this will mean a Qantas Money Home Loan expert will be required to review your documents, so the process may take a little longer. 

If you would like more information  about how we protect your information during the application process, please read our security and privacy policy.

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