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Currency converter

Use our money converter to check the current exchange rate for the 10 foreign currencies that you can load onto your Travel Money card at any one time⁴. Then load and lock in exchange rates on those supported currencies, or load AUD to use worldwide wherever Mastercard® is accepted².


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(This is the Qantas Travel Money Daily Rate and is subject to change)

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Qantas Travel Money converter

See the foreign exchange rates of the currencies you can lock in with Qantas Travel Money.

Currency conversion tips

Keep an eye on the exchange rates with our currency conversion tool, and Qantas Travel Money offers for exciting deals.

When transacting in a currency that is unsupported or insufficiently loaded on your card, no currency conversion fee will be charged, but the Qantas Travel Money Daily Rate will apply⁵.

See how it works. It’s easy.

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  • Activate
  • Load
  • Use
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Get your Qantas Travel Money card

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Activate your Qantas Travel Money Card

Received your Qantas Travel Money Card. What now?

  1. Make sure you have your Qantas Travel Money card, address details, drivers licence and passport handy
  2. Log in to activate your card
Load your Qantas Travel Money Card

Load Travel Money

  1. Log in to the Qantas Money app or website
  2. Choose your currency (or currencies)
  3. Choose a payment method: Instant Load, Bank Transfer or BPAY®
Use your Qantas Travel Money Card

Use Travel Money

  • Use your card at ATMs or anywhere Mastercard is accepted2
  • Transfer money between currencies
  • Cash out leftover funds to your Australian bank account
  • Transfer funds to other Qantas Travel Money cardholders
Manage your Qantas Travel Money Card

Manage your account

  • Lock and unlock your card
  • View your card PIN
  • Set your default currency

Learn more about currency calculator

A currency converter is an online tool that can help you work out the value of your Australian currency in the foreign currency you need. It uses the market rates to calculate what Australian Dollars you’ll be spending, in whatever country you’re spending it in.

Foreign currency is calculated with exchange rates. An exchange rate is how much it costs to exchange one currency for another. These fluctuate all the time as they are traded on the foreign exchange market. The exchange rate is based on the market price of a currency at that time e.g. USD$1 could be worth AU$1.5.

When you make a transfer or check the exchange rate given on your Qantas Travel Money card, the rate will be different to the market rate and will show you how much you will get if you transfer onto your card³.

Get even more with the Qantas Money app


Get even more with the Qantas Money app

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Connect your accounts from other financial institutions and see them all in one place.


Earn Qantas Points

Earn 1.5 Qantas Points for every AU$1 spent in foreign currency.4

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Spend insights

View spend by category to analyse expenditure.

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Get offers

Link your Qantas Travel Money card and activate offers to receive bonus Qantas Points at your favourite stores.

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