Qantas Premier and the Qantas Money app.
 So good together.

Qantas Money app

Track your money on the fly

View your closing balance, available credit, minimum due, due date, pending and past transactions, on the go.

Qantas Money app

Fingerprint login

Secure and simple. You’re one touch away from the information you need.

Qantas Money app

Temporary lock

Misplaced your card? Use the app to place a temporary lock without the hassle of cancelling it.

Qantas money
Get savvy with insights

Get savvy with insights

See your spend organised into categories that reflect your lifestyle

  • View your total bills, entertainment, shopping, health, food, business – and travel
  • Get instant insights into your spending patterns & identify where to save
  • Stay fully informed and in control
  • Make smarter decisions every time

Security, the Qantas way.

Your security is of the utmost importance. Always.

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Temporary lock

If you misplace your Qantas Premier credit card, you can place a temporary lock on it from inside the app to prevent any unauthorised transactions – giving you time to look for it, without the hassle of cancelling.

Extra authentication

Extra authentication

Feel safe with multi-factor authentication including a one-time PIN sent to your mobile and session management with password time limits, plus ‘view access only’ using Apple’s Touch ID and Android fingerprint logins.

Bank-level security

International security best practice

To ensure that your data is protected at all times, a comprehensive Information Security Management System framework is implemented. This framework aligns with international best practices such as ISO:27001 and PCI-DSS which is also used by major international Banking and Finance organisations.