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Things you need to know before you start

It should only take around 30 minutes to apply

  • When applying for Pre-approval, you’ll need to provide information including your income, your expenses, and your ID
  • You’ll need to provide details on how much you are willing to spend on a property and how much you would like to borrow. If you’re unsure, you can go back to our Borrowing Power Calculator to get an estimate to help guide you for your application. You can also ask one of our home loans experts to help you understand your borrowing power after submitting your application.
  • You’ll also need to provide a postcode of the preferred area you are looking to buy in. This can be updated at a later stage if you choose a different location during your property search.
  • Pre-approval will last for 60 days. You will have the option of renewing your Pre-approval for an additional 60 days before it expires.π After this you can always reapply once you’re closer to finding your home.
  • If you’re pre-approved for a Qantas Money Home Loan, simply log back in to update your application once you have found a property you’d like to make a bid or offer on. At this point we’ll assess it - which will include a valuation - to make sure we can lend against the property.
  • If any of your personal or financial information changes, you will need to update it in the portal.