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It's a points-earning, rate-locking, interest-free card.

When you load via the Qantas Money mobile app or website, you can lock in the exchange rate3 on up to 10 foreign currencies4 - including United States Dollars (USD). Buying USD before you head off will give you peace of mind that even if the rates move up or down while you’re away, your pre-loaded currencies won’t. Meaning you’ll always know exactly how much money you have available to spend for better budgeting abroad.

Check out today's rate below. The handy currency converter tool will tell you how much AU$1 will buy if you load USD within the next four hours.3

Whether you’re chasing the bright lights of big cities, the sand at Miami Beach, or the dazzling displays of the Grand Canyon, one thing’s for sure - you’ll need to purchase some United States Dollars (USD) to get on your way. You may have heard a few different ways to describe this particular currency — bucks, big ones, Benjamins, bills — they’re all common terms to describe the most widely used currency in the world, American Dollars.

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The great thing about travelling with a Qantas Pay card is that you can lock in the exchange rate of your desired currency prior to traveling3 - up to 10 exchange rates at one time4. Meaning you’ll always know exactly how much money you have, even when visiting more than one destination. Even better, you’ll earn Qantas Points on the foreign currency you spend. All you need to do is load your money onto your Qantas Pay card, via the Qantas Money mobile app or website. You can choose from instant load, bank transfer, or BPAY®, whichever suits you.

When you’re going from AUD to USD, it’s good to understand how the currency is valued. There are 18 different denominations of US money in coins and bills.

There are also five larger denominations. And by large we mean huge. These are no longer being printed but they’re still considered legal tender, although more of a collectors item than shopping money. They are $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $100,000. Imagine carrying that around in your pocket!

Dollar Denominations


1 cent


5 cents


10 cents


25 cents


50 cents


100 cents


$1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100

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USA top destinations

The USA has so much to offer. It’s the home of some of the world’s most vibrant cities - LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, and New York. Each offering their own unique collection of entertainment, adventure and cuisine. There’s always something to do, whether you’re planning a family road trip, a culinary excursion, or to simply immerse yourself in the art and culture.


San Francisco

Drive or ride across The Golden Gate Bridge, visit Alcatraz, ride the tram for a day or visit Silicon Valley. San Francisco’s eclectic offering means there’s something for everybody in this open-minded, progressive Californian city.



It’s more than just beaches, bars and shopping. Miami is full of history and attractions to suit every traveller. Visit the coral islands of the Florida Keys, soak in South Beach, explore the Everglades or let the music take you over in one of the Latin dance clubs.


New York

It’s the city that never sleeps. Picnic in Central Park, take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, see the neon signs of Times Square or be part of the audience for shows such as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.