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Qantas Points for every AU$1 spent in foreign currency1


Qantas Point for every $4 spent in Australian dollars1


Currencies including Australian dollars4


Monthly fees

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Fee-free load options

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Accessibility worldwide

Your global currency card

The Qantas Travel Money card is a safe and convenient way to carry money when you travel overseas. Instead of carrying cash, you can take your own money securely - in the currencies you need - loaded on a prepaid travel card.

Once you have funds loaded, you can use your card to make purchases or withdraw money at millions of Mastercard locations worldwide2.

Travel with peace of mind

  • Enjoy the reassurance of chip and PIN security.
  • Lock your card and access emergency funds if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Mastercard Qantas Travel Money Global Support available 24/7.
  • Be protected against fraudulent transactions with Mastercard Zero Liability8.

Travel with complete control

  • Top up, transfer funds, view your balance and transactions wherever you are.
  • Load a set amount and avoid going over budget.
  • Access Qantas Travel Money easily through the Qantas Money mobile app or website.

Travel with all the currencies you need


Load up to 11 currencies4

You can carry up to 11 currencies on the card at any one time - 10 foreign (USD, GBP, EUR, THB, NZD, SGD, HKD, CAD, JPY, AED) plus Australian dollars.

Lock icon - black

Lock in exchange rates3

When you load foreign currencies, you lock in an exchange rate. However, you also have the flexibility of loading Australian dollars and using the card globally wherever Mastercard is accepted2. The exchange rate will be applied at the time you spend and you can view the daily rates on our website.


Travel more freely

With Qantas Travel Money you have fee-free load options available and no monthly or annual account fees.

Earn Qantas Points

The Qantas Travel Money card opens up a whole new world of points earning potential. It’s the only prepaid travel money card to reward you with Qantas Points whenever you spend using your card at home or overseas1.

Global icon


Earn 1.5 Qantas Points for every $1 spent in foreign currency1.



Earn 1 Qantas Point for every $4 spent in Australian dollars1.


Double dip

Spend with Qantas Frequent Flyer program partners using Qantas Travel Money - and you'll earn Qantas Points for eligible purchases from both the program partner and Qantas Travel Money.

Everyday spend

Shopping bags, bills and long blacks

Save on fees and use Qantas Travel Money for your next online shopping spree

Shopping online with your favourite international retailer? Load your Qantas Travel Money card with international currency, and you’ll skip the usual international conversion fees5. What’s more, because your card lets you manage your money online, it’s easier to stay in control of your spending.

Save on fees

Shopping bags, bills and long blacks - earn Qantas Points

Your Qantas Travel Money card is more than just a safer way to carry cash while on holidays. It’s a more convenient and rewarding way to shop and spend while you’re at home too. Just as you would a credit or debit card, use your Qantas Travel Money Card for everyday purchases such as petrol and groceries to earn Qantas Points on your spend1. You can also use your card to withdraw money from ATMs, just select ‘CREDIT’ and enter your PIN. Want even more convenience? Use Qantas Travel Money to pay for everyday bills both over the phone and online.