No interest, no monthly fees, no hidden catches.

With no account fees, fee-free load options and the ability to lock in exchange rates before you travel3, the Qantas Pay card is a simple way to a hassle-free holiday.


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Load Money

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(This is the Qantas Pay Daily Rate and is subject to change)

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Load Money

Currency & Rates

There are two ways you can load and spend with Qantas Pay:

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1. Load foreign exchange and lock in the exchange rate before you go

With 10 foreign currencies to choose from, you can lock in the rate to avoid currency fluctuations3 and help you budget on your travels.

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2. Load Australian dollars and spend worldwide

If you’re travelling to a destination where we don’t offer a locked in rate – such as Bali, Vietnam or South Africa, you can load and spend Australian dollars. Our daily rate for the currency you’re spending in will apply. Use our Currency Conversion Tool to check the exchange rate daily.

Spending between currencies

If you don’t have enough of one particular currency loaded to pay for a transaction, other currencies you’ve loaded can be used instead (with the applicable currency exchange rate applied). Which means you always have access to the money you need, whenever you need it.

For more information about spending between currencies, moving funds between currencies, transferring funds plus more, our FAQ is a good place to start.

Fees & charges

Unlike some prepaid cards, Qantas Pay offers fee-free load options, plus no monthly or annual fees, making your holiday money travel further.

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The table below makes it easy to understand what’s free and what carries a fee when it comes to using Qantas Pay.

Fee Value
Purchase, transaction, cash out, card to card transfer or monthly fee No fee9
Currency conversion fee No fees5
International ATM withdrawal fee (outside Australia) AUD 1.95; USD 1.95; GBP 1.25; EUR 1.50; THB 70; NZD 2.50; SGD 2.50; HKD 15.00; CAD 2.00; JPY 160; AED 6.506
Bank Transfer or BPAY® load fee No fee
Debit Card Load fee 0.5% of the total load amount10

Top tip

When making a purchase or an ATM withdrawal overseas, you may be asked if you would like to transact in Australian dollars or the local currency. If you have the local currency loaded onto Qantas Pay select to pay in the local currency. (If you select to pay in Australian dollars, this may result in a foreign exchange transaction at an additional cost to you).


With all the great benefits Qantas Pay offers, we know you’ll be keen to start using your card. But before you head off, there are a few important things you need to be aware of.

Summary Limit
Maximum number of Qantas Pay facilities you may hold in your name at any one time One
Minimum amount you can load on Qantas Pay per load AUD $50
Maximum individual amount you can load on Qantas Pay in any 24 hour period (see additional requirements for Instant Loads below) AUD $20,000
Maximum amount you can load on Qantas Pay using Instant Load AUD $15,000 in any 24 hour period
AUD $30,000 in any 7 day period
AUD $60,000 in any 30 day period
Maximum you can withdraw from ATMs in any 24 hour period (some ATM operators may set their own withdrawal limits which may be lower than this limit) AUD $3,000 or foreign currency equivalent
Maximum you can transfer using the Card to card feature either via the website or Mobile App in any 24-hour period AUD 3,000 or equivalent
Maximum value of point of sale (POS) transactions performed in any 24 hour period AUD $15,000 or foreign currency equivalent
Maximum balance allowed at any one time across all currencies AUD $100,000 or foreign currency equivalent
Maximum amount you can load/reload across all currencies during a 12 month period AUD $100,000 or foreign currency equivalent
Minimum balance allowed at any one time AUD $0.00
No overdraft facility available
Cash over the counter limit AUD $350 or foreign currency equivalent11