Qantas Premier Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet - Desktop Hero Image

Get Qantas Premier in your digital wallet

Enjoy all the benefits of your Qantas Premier credit card using Apple Pay or Google PayTM. It’s the easy, secure and private way to pay - with no card details exchanged at the point of sale.

Using your Premier credit card on your device is simple, you can pay on the web, in apps, and in stores.

Features and benefits

You can use Apple Pay or Google Pay with all Qantas Premier credit cards, so you can make faster, contactless purchases in store, in apps and on the web.


Easy setup

It’s easy to set up Apple Pay or Google Pay with your Qantas Premier credit card. Simply add your card to your compatible device to get started.


More secure spending

Every digital wallet transaction is authenticated with a passcode, fingerprint or facial recognition making spending more secure than ever. Plus, card details are never shared with the merchant when you make a payment or stored on your device.


Convenient purchases

Use your compatible device to tap and pay in store wherever you see the contactless symbol - here and overseas.


Faster checkouts

For an easier and faster way to pay in apps and on the web - without creating accounts or filling out lengthy forms - select Apple Pay or Google Pay at checkout.


Every transaction on your compatible device requires your authentication through either your face, fingerprint or passcode - whatever your device supports.

Your Qantas Premier credit card number is never stored on your device. It’s also never shared with the merchant when you’re paying - this always ensures privacy is protected. And when you pay with your Qantas Premier credit card, neither Apple or Google keeps transaction information that can be tied back to you.